Discovery meeting

Get clear on what’s most important to you.

Data review meeting

We collect your data and confirm key facts.

Findings presentation

We map out what steps you need to take to be on track to hit your goal.

You can implement yourself, with another advisor, or with us.

The written plan includes the following: 

  • Investment Management Strategy

  • Retirement Planning Strategy

  • Education Savings Strategy

  • Contingency Planning

  • Estate Commentary

In this analysis you get feedback on your portfolio in the following areas.

  • Is it tax efficient?

  • Are you getting the rate of return you deserve?

  • Are you making the most of the different accounts available?

Oftentimes when I meet people it’s like a puzzle.

Many of the pieces are there, but they aren’t put together in a way that makes sense. 


I also liken it to the kitchen junk drawer where things have been thrown in over time because they made sense at the time, but there is no rhyme or reason why it’s all mixed in together.

Here are a few answers to the most common questions I get asked

Who do you work with?

What do you cover on the first call?

How do you get paid?

What is your process?

Why do you work with doctors?

Do you have my best interests in mind?

Where do you meet with clients?

Here is what clients are saying about working with me

Galen has in-depth knowledge of corporate planning and helps us utilize tax-efficient strategies to get us to our goals faster. I can trust Galen to provide me with advice that will serve my family and our goals and be informed of changes and the best way to adapt to them.



Dr. Sina Sajed


I'm currently located in Vancouver, BC, and Galen is Ontario based. This was a non-issue and working together online turned out to be greatly to our advantage... He has taken the time to educate me and spend the time needed to ensure I am making good decisions. This was AFTER he first invested in me and what I am about.

Jennifer Pereira

Business Coach

Galen has spent several hours teaching me about the financial world... He is great at explaining things and is great at creating visuals for visual learners. He has helped me think about my future financial goals and make realistic action plans to achieve them.



Erfan Vafaie