Attention Canadian Doctors: What You Should Know About Financial Planning

Traditional financial advice is failing Doctors

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Do you want to feel confident you're making smart choices with your money, but...

- aren't sure you're on the right track?

- don't know how to get started?

- and don't know who to trust for good advice?

If so, you're in good company

More than half the doctors I surveyed feel the same way

What you'll learn in this series:

  • Evidence-based financial planning practices​

  • A simple way to understand corporate taxes

  • Why traditional financial planning is failing doctors and what to do about it

  • The top three signs you’re getting bad financial advice

  • Why “skipping the fancy coffee” is irrelevant advice for doctors


  • The top three places to save on taxes in your corporation

Why I created this free video series

    I grew up watching my dad (now a retired Nephrologist) struggle to get good advice around financial planning.


    I'm determined to help as many people like him as possible.


    To free doctors up to focus on their practice and their family.


    Because even if there were 100 hours in a day, it still wouldn't be enough time to get to all the doctors that need my help.


    Also, I know from experience some of you will say, 'This Galen guy seems to know his stuff, I should find out if he can help me' and will reach out.

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