Welcome to the Financial Literacy Challenge for Canadian Physicians

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Do you want to feel confident you're making smart choices with your money, but...

- aren't sure you're on the right track?

- don't know how to get started?

- and don't know who to trust for good advice?

If so, you're in good company

More than half the doctors I surveyed feel the same way

Don't have time to go through the challenge and want help now?

Modules included in this challenge:

- Choose your path


- Planning overview


- Pay off debt or invest?


- Budgeting for people who hate budgeting


- Corporations 101

- Retirement planning made simple


- Investing 101


- Insurance 101


- Life insurance myths and tips


- Protecting your income

Why I help physicians

I grew up watching my dad (now a retired Nephrologist) struggle to get good advice around financial planning.


I'm determined to help as many people like him as possible.


To free doctors up to focus on their practice and their family.


Because even if there were 100 hours in a day, it still wouldn't be enough time to get to all the doctors that need my help.


Also, I know from experience some of you will say, 'This Galen guy seems to know his stuff, I should find out if he can help me' and will reach out.


Here is what clients are saying about working with Galen

Galen has in-depth knowledge of corporate planning and helps us utilize tax-efficient strategies to get us to our goals faster. I can trust Galen to provide me with advice that will serve my family and our goals and be informed of changes and the best way to adapt to them.



Dr. Sina Sajed


I'm currently located in Vancouver, BC, and Galen is Ontario based. This was a non-issue and working together online turned out to be greatly to our advantage... He has taken the time to educate me and spend the time needed to ensure I am making good decisions. This was AFTER he first invested in me and what I am about.

Jennifer Pereira

Business Coach

Galen has spent several hours teaching me about the financial world... He is great at explaining things and is great at creating visuals for visual learners. He has helped me think about my future financial goals and make realistic action plans to achieve them.



Erfan Vafaie


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